Wednesday, April 06, 2005

what will you do when you get into power?

This is the question we should be asking. There is a media frenzy about the issue of how the next election will be conducted. In Bangladesh, we have a unique process where a "caretaker" government comes in for 90 days and ensures a "free and fair" election. You see, no one trusts the other, so only a retired judge or some such elderly non-partisan figure can preside over the charade.
While everyone gets excited about this latest wheeze, can someone tell me what the plan is for those lucky to get into power?
Or "what will you do when you get into power?"
What is your programme? By programme, i do not mean a 6 point demand or a 21 point demand etc etc.
I mean a PROGRAMME that is realistic i.e will not be torpedoed by the Bank yet has some semblance of national sovereignty to it.
After all, the PRSP is meant to (at least officially) be prepared by us. We know it isn't. Still, we could actually work on one, couldn't we? One that isn't produced by some co-opted economist but a range of political and social forces.
Could any new government to be let us know how they are going to take us into a 7% economic growth trajectory and the same time slow the migration from villages to cities as the rural economy implodes?
You know what will happen. The politicians will wave their X-point demands and promise to eradicate corruption, but really concentrate on how to win the election (on their terms) ....... if there is to be an election...... Now that's a thought......


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