Sunday, April 24, 2005

Clean for only 15 days!

The Dhaka City Corporation is in the middle of a 15-day cleanliness drive. On top of the 7,000 regular cleaners, they have hired another 5,000 to work in the morning for three hours. When asked, residents have stated the obvious that they want a clean city for 365 days, not a couple of weeks. The authorities say they are trying to educate the public to use dustbins etc. However, the idea of civic sense will disappear within a month.
How much would it cost to keep this extra workforce employed for the whole year? A half a day’s labour costs around 1 euro ($1.3). That translates to E30 a month or about E350 a year. So 5,000 extra part-time workers would need a budget of E1.7 million or US$2.3Million per year. After all that wastage of money on “beautification”, do we really believe that the City cannot manage to find just over $2million to keep the capital clean? If there are any donors reading, think about this one. From cleanliness, we can move to mosquito control (very similar work) and restore civic pride and produce a decent environment to live and work.


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