Thursday, March 24, 2005

Getting it right with China

As we go into press, the visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen is still on. Makes a change from SAARC! He is on a wide-ranging tour, including India.
Let us close that irresponsible chapter of opening a Taiwanese consulate in 2004 – what else would you call an outlet handing out visas? The Chinese consider Taiwan as part of their territory and liken the new invasion facility to the US President Lincoln’s actions over a secessionist South. That is their internal matter and we would be foolish to stick our noses in there. The Chinese like funding infrastructure projects. Long may we see more “Friendship Bridges” in the future! They are also mentioning the two stalled power projects, because we think they were too expensive.
Beyond that, we need to understand our position vis a vis the blossoming Sino-Indian relationship. Trade is up to Euro 10 billion (1 Euro is worth 1.3 dollars). It is growing fast and has major implications as it binds the two nations together. We are now going to be able to fly direct to Kunming (south West China).
How do we grow that into the famed Eastern Quadrangle of Eastern India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and SW China? Just as we look back 34 years to March 1971, our children will look forward 34 years to 2039. That world could be unrecognisable. Visionary leadership could see a booming region or the New World Frontier. On present trends, however, they will have said that this generation failed to see the possibilities and the region sank further into violence, flood and chaos.


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