Sunday, January 02, 2005

an earthquake is overdue

There have been quite a few aftershocks following the one that led to the Tsunami. Up to 80 jolts. US scientists are now a little concerned that there is no quake in Assam, the last one being in 1950. If it occurs anywhere near Dhaka or Chittagong, there will be a catastrophe. No preparation and crowded badly built buildings make for a deadly combination.
An earthquake is long overdue. That may mean 30 years, it may mean 3 years. We are used to disasters but we have not experienced an earthquake of a really serious magnitude in our lifetimes. We will.
Plans have been drawn up. They reveal that many deaths will occur due to gas explosions in the dense section of the capital, called Old Dhaka. After that many more will perish from the breakdown in water, sanitation and health systems.
The problem is that no one in authority is aware of the plans or what they should be doing now.


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