Tuesday, December 07, 2004

youth rebellion?

It’s amazing what you can see on the Internet. Agencies are quite happy to print reports on the web since it’s free and easy to spread. I was browsing through the British aid agency (DFID or Department for International Development) report on “Supporting the drivers of pro-poor change". We can see a phrase called ‘youth rebellion’ on page 22. This scenario is concerned about the possibility of the youth of Bangladesh rebelling against the status quo. Why would they do so? To replace the current system which fails to provide jobs and hope to them - our future. Imagine the ‘job market’ to be like Kawran Bazar. Picture a million young people entering the market, in search of a job. Year in year out. See them being turned away and told to go home. Empty handed. Or at best underemployed in some meaningless role for a pittance.
Our youth are doing what they were told to do by their parents and teachers. Play your role in society and work for a living. The system is geared against them and preventing them doing so. DFID (and therefore many other foreign agencies) may be worried that the youth may not carry on taking this lying down. Having little to lose they may demand fundamental change. They have been noticed.


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