Monday, December 27, 2004

slum city

The Daily Star mentioned the government thinks that within the next five years, the number of slum dwellers in the capital will cross 10 (TEN) million.
Dhaka city's overall populaton will climb towards nearly 20 million around the same time.
Professor Abul Barakat says migration of the poor is the main reason for such a rapid growth of slums.
If this isn't a social timebomb, what is?


Blogger Mir Taqi Mir said...

You are in concern I see !

There must be many like you Brother,who are concerned every day with, the injustices suffered by many.

If someone is born in a lower section of the social ladder,why do they have to struggle so hard to prove their worth in an unequal society.

We are already used to the phrase "Living in a Democracy",But I worry if the masses will ever get a little bored one day, and say to the bureaucrats in our social system to just leave the speech for later and just move on and on like an ever ready battery.

By the way, "everready battery" was once a popular brand and through time it has vanished into thin air or possibly even an uninvented "Black hole" !

But, there are those who still believe in being ever ready for those days we aspire of without any inspiration from our peers.

My 'Mother use' to tell me in my days of ponder and bliss,that; "A Human should all ways have the will and desire to achieve for him or her to start believing and realising in life and it's enormous possibilites".

I am still wondering about this phrase after so many years,specially after reading your thoughtful jesture of kindness to those who at the least, need; someone who is kind enough to talk about their issue's .

Something else my dear mamma, used to say was "Intent is everything",but "Intent is also a dangerous thing !".

According to her,"Human's have free will and Intellect" and unfortunately,most of us are to busy in our every day life to actually have the time to accuire Intellecet or even be bothered !

When you believe in a benign cause, you readily & regularly encounter with failure and rejection,and fortunately or unfortunately as freewill has more influence in us,we are rather detracted from the truth.

What is free will you ask ?



What is Intellect ?


I dont know the answer to this one !

Peace - Until the break of dawn !

7:05 pm  

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