Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Private students

The government and University Grants Council (UGC) recently announced that 8 private universities would be closed down for gross violations. Another 10 new applications have been held up and will not be considered until there is a new law in place. There are scores of private universities, mostly operating out of apartments. Lecturers have been prized away from the public universities. There are not enough of them to go around. Positions remain vacant. Students are getting short-changed, big-time.
This scandal has been with us for some time, so why act now & so meekly? This whole fiasco is hitting innocent middle class families who are investing their hard-earned earnings to give their kids a chance of a better life.
Let's close those apartment-lecture-hall-businesses and compensate the families.
For those private universities who are serious in providing education, we should insist they have proper campuses and teach more than just BBAs and IT.
Finally, we should pay public university lecturers decently since the poorer students cannot afford to go private.


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