Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Missing the disaster

Unusually, Bangladesh suffered only two fatalities from the Andaman Sea Tsunami. Elsewhere, the death toll may even edge up to 50,000. The question arises that with such satellite technology available and 24-hour international channels and of course the Internet, how was it that no warning was given out (except in Thailand,though even that was too late)? Two full hours passed. Two-thirds of the deaths were avoidable.
Keep an eye on the international pledges. Exactly one year ago, after the Iranian earthquake in Bam, hundreds of millions of dollars were also 'pledged'. So far they have received just $13M. Expect the same here too. When are journalists going to ask some real questions?


Blogger Mir Taqi Mir said...

Journalists only ask questions when they need to !
Don't you think the Journalists have human desires too ?

I mean, life is getting expensive and we all need to keep the Mrs happy,don't we ?

I guess life is a sucker after all !

12:34 pm  

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