Sunday, December 12, 2004

The great human wall of Bangladesh

A massive human wall or thousands of people held hands from the extreme northwest to the south east of the country on December 11th. The Awami League and Left parties pulled it off. It was some logistic feat. It seems they are so buzzed up, they want do it again, this time from the north East to the south west (Sylhet to Sundarban). It makes a welcome change from hartals/general strikes and is very imaginative.
Now the excitement is over, let’s ask the opposition parties a couple of questions:
1) What were your 9-point demands and do people know or do they care?
2) Why do they think this exercise is a springboard for a movement?

Perhaps like the Great Wall of China, this human chain was seen from the moon. One is permanent, the other temporary. What will be the long-term impact in 2005? I guess it will not be very much.


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